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    I plan to visit Costa Rica, anyone been there ?

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    Costa Rica is located between the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. People think Costa Rica is a paradise it is ideal tropical place for your vacation. For relaxation there are beautiful hotels, resorts and different styles cottages.
    Shenandoah bed and breakfast can provide you with excellent Romantic bed and breakfasts and Honeymoon bed breakfast, where you can enjoy your meal with luxury.

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    Costa Rica is one of the best places for travelers to visit in order to explore a diverse natural habitat, learn about a fascinating culture of tradition and custom, and enjoy the most stable democracy in Central America. I wish to recommend this hotel to all future travelers that go to Tortuguero. The service and the organization were fantastic, The rooms, the tours, the guide and all the meals were as we expected, and even better. Costa Rican food consists of a lot of starch and Costa Ricans proud of their peaceful and beautiful country and live with dignity and a sense of calm that is contagious.

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    Costa Rica is an outstanding country where number of peoples visit every year. It is a tropical country which contains a number of distinct climatic zones.
    Places like Corcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, San Jose, Puerto Viejo and Tamarindo.

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    osta Rica lies majestically between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, in the Central American isthmus. Its irregular coasts are full of incredibly beautiful beaches, peninsulas, bays, and gulfs that make this 51.100 square kilometre country a privileged site. This is the place where varied ecosystems live together to create impressive landscapes and unique scenic points. The location of Costa Rica is definitely strategic, right in the heart of the occidental hemisphere... just the perfect paradise to enjoy exceptional vacations in the tropics.
    Costa Rica Beach

    Costa Rica is one of the most precious tourist destinations in the planet. This exuberant country has an extraordinary biodiversity, and combines all the necessary ingredients to satisfy the expectations and desires of thousands of travellers every year. This is, without a doubt, the birthplace of ecotourism and therefore, there are many activities that can be enjoyed in the rainforests, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls. Here you can observe abundance of natural resources, which are all protected by a consolidated National System of Protected Areas, including biological reserves, national parks, forest reserves, and wildlife refuges.

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