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    Default Best places to visit in Thailand?

    Hi all.
    my friend and I are booking our gap year this weekend. We will be leaving around October time to Thailand for 1 month and then Australia for 11 months. I was just wondering where are the best places to visit in Thailand? We will be arriving in Bangkok first but are unsure where else we could go. We want to go to one of the full moon parties, So if anyone could also recommend wheres best to go for the full moon party in Thailand I would appreciate that. Like I said, we start in Bangkok but have to make sure we end up back in Bangkok to get our flight over to Oz. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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    Following are some more places to visit in Thailand

    1. Phang Nga Bay
    2. Old Phuket Town
    3. Bangla Road Nightlife
    4. Simon Cabaret Show
    5. Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples
    6. Big Buddha
    7. Phuket Vegetarian Festivals and other Events
    8. Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)
    9. Bangkok

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    These are the place which we can visit in thailand
    Koh Samui
    Hua Hin
    Chiang Mai

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    Thailand is a wonderful country for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are the top five best places to go if you love being in the outdoors.

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    Places to visit in Thailand: tourist information about some important cities, places to see and things to do in Thailand. ... Top Destinations Thailand ...

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