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    Default Europe on a One Way Ticket

    Hey,I am wondering if anyone has experiance gag entry into Europe without a return ticket or VISA? The girlfriend and I are planning on backpacking and don't really have a timeline (although we know we can only been in the European Union for 90 days). Didn't think it would be a problem to travel on a one way ticket, but today a travel agent told me it will lead to difficulties as they want to see you are infact leaving. Is it someting I should be worried about or just a myth?Thanks

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    I was wondering if EU immigration would be okay with me buying a 1 way ticket to Europe? My wife and I want to backpack but we're not sure if we want to stay for 2 months or 3 months. We figure about 6 weeks into the trip we'll have a good feel of when we'll want to fly back home, and would buy the return ticket then.

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