Hotel stars – the secrets of their awarding.
We travel to different places around the world. We choose hotels marked with a different number of stars. But what are these stars and how to understand their number?
Imagine a hypothetical situation. We would like to spend time on the warm coast. We are focused on recreation, recovery and sightseeing. We choose a large city that can offer us to achieve all our goals. Setting a budget. We are getting acquainted with the hotel's offers. We choose one of them.
When visiting the hotel's website, we find out that the object has 4 stars. And here are our questions:
- What do these stars mean?
- Why are there 4 of them and not 3?
- Who decided to give the hotel 4 stars?
- What can we expect from a hotel with this, and not another number of stars?
Fortunately, there is no need to go far for an answer. We have the answers to these questions.
1. What are hotel stars and what do they mean?
The stars assigned to hotel facilities confirm their standards. Thanks to their presence, it is possible not only to standardize the assessment of the quality of individual places on the world map, but also to find out what awaits in the booked hotel. No one likes unpleasant surprises in such cases.
The hotel is awarded a certain number of stars due to many factors. Starting from the location, wandering through the equipment and ending with the quality of service. The assessment should be very fair. After all, undeservedly awarded stars can cause confusion among misled guests.
In the blog "Antina Anta - my opinion" you can find out what the number of stars means.
2. Who has the right to award stars?
There are a number of countries in which the presentation of a hotel for verification and awarding stars is mandatory and legally sanctioned. This group of countries includes, in particular, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Italy and Spain. However, there are also countries where this procedure is voluntary and depends on the will of the owner of the object (this is the case, for example, in France, Germany or the UK).
Usually the whole procedure is done comprehensively. Appoint a special commission consisting of specialists in the field of hotel management. The commission also often includes representatives of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance and fire protection.