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    Hey check Tourist Places to Visit in Kuwait City
    The major attractions include a vast number of marvellous architectural and sightseeing destinations in Kuwait few top places of interest are listed here Kuwait Towers, Liberation Tower, the artefacts at the National Museum, the stunning beauty Failaka Island, and the cherry and joy time at the Entertainment City, the knowledge of revealing the ancient heritage at the Science and Natural History Museum, the wisdom shared at Kuwait Science Club, ruminants displayed at the Liberation Monuments, Sadu House, Scientific Centre, Amusement and Recreational Parks.

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    Kuwait is famous for its beautiful Mosque, amusement parks and museums.

    Some best destinations are as follows:
    - The Kuwait Towers
    - The Liberation Tower
    - Kuwait National Museum
    - Kuwait Communcations Tower

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    The Kuwait Towers, with their distinctive blue-green ‘sequins’, are the instantly recognisable symbols of a nation. Designed by a Swedish architectural firm, they opened in 1979. The largest of the three rises to a height of 187m and houses a two-level revolving observation deck, gift shop and cafe. The towers were closed for major refurbishment at the time of research, but in any event they're much more beautiful from outside and they're visible from all along the corniche.

    The lower globe on the largest tower stores around four million litres of water. The middle tower is also used for water storage, while the smallest tower is used to light up the other two.

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