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    Default Train trip from Istanbul, Turkey to Amsterdam in 3 days?

    I'm going to Turkey in June for my sister's wedding and I have 10 days off. I'm going to be flying direct to Istanbul. I've always wanted to visit the hot spots of Europe (mostly Amsterdam)... Do you guys think i can spare 3-4 days to travel from Istanbul to Amsterdam (on a train hopefully), stopping at certain places on my way for a few hours and doing a grand finish at a smoke cafe in Amsterdam. I will be alone and have one suitcase to lug around with me. A quick google map search puts Istanbul to Amsterdam at 2,700 km (1 day and 5 hours). If i can spend half time traveling and half time sight seeing, would I be able to accomplish this trip in 3 days? I don't know much about Europe and how the transportation would work but I'm hoping I can get some info here.. Thanks s EDIT: well looks like it's boiling down to this, either I fly from Istanbul to Toronto with about 2 days of layover, so that i spend all my time in Amsterdam... or i fly from Istanbul to a place near Amsterdam (maybe London) and do a trip from there to Amsterdam, and eventually fly to Toronto from there. If i go with the second option where would I need to land to maximize my sight-seeing while not spending too much time. First option will be the cheapest, and I know there would be enough to do in Amsterdam to fill 2 days, but I'm thinking I should try to be at as many places as I can since it might be a long time before i get a chance to fly that way again

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    It seems to show that it will take about 50 hours minimum. And that is without giving you any time to look around cities. It seems the trains in this part of Eastern Europe are going to be slow. It is taking about 21 hours to get from Istanbul to Belgrade.

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