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    Default Feasibility study report

    1. Definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations
    This section should contain brief descriptions of possible definitions, acronyms, and abbreviations. These are displayed so that anyone can interpret them correctly. If not, please explain that it is not applicable. It must be listed in alphabetical order.

    2. Overview
    Use this section to describe what is included in the rest of the software proof-of-concept documentation. It is similar to the end of the introduction of an academic paper.

    3. Purpose
    Clearly and concisely describe the purpose of the project. Lighting traits focus on the management level. Use infinitives.

    4. Scope/Range
    Describe the project’s scope and highlight which aspects are covered and which are not. For uncovered aspects: Justify why they are not covered.

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    5. Current diagnosis
    Describe your current situation. Describe the software, its version, the supplier, a brief description of its characteristics, and how it is used. Highlight the current environment and the difficulty of that environment. Attach supporting documents such as receipts, contracts, spreadsheets, reports, etc.

    6, Requirement
    One of the key points of the feasibility study document is covered in a dedicated post on requirements.

    7. Proposed alternative
    List all alternatives for solving the problem, including the one you suggested. Look for similar solutions in the market or academic research in this area. Consider analysis time, implementation, and trag time for the proposed tool.

    8. Benefits
    State the expected benefits of implementing the system. Tangible and intangible benefits.

    9. Cost
    Allocate costs for implementing alternatives as accurately as possible. Please enter the source of the expense. risk Identify potential risks associated with alternatives. It also identifies preventive and emergency measures. Consider different risks such as people; organization, tools; and requirements.

    10. Timeline
    Presentation of preparatory activities, including dates and resources. Based on the phases of software development.

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