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    Default no-show passengers in NEMT

    Hello! If someone here has experience in non-emergency medical transportation please help me. I want to discuss such occurrences as no-show passengers. How do you solve it? Please share any recommendations.

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    Hi! If you need to reduce the number of no-show passengers you should send out reminders for upcoming trips. This can be done via email, text, or phone call to ensure that the passenger is aware that their ride is coming up. You can also offer incentives such as discounts or loyalty rewards to passengers who arrive on time and cancel rides in advance. Additionally, you can provide clear instructions to passengers on how to cancel or reschedule rides, as well as the consequences of no-showing. Finally, you can require passengers to pre-pay for rides to ensure that they are more likely to show up. More information on how to deal with this issue you can find in this post

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