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    Default The environmental role of termites and their impact on the ecosystem.

    Termites are part of the ecosystem, playing an important role in the conversion of organic matter into soil and in the propagation of aquatic organisms in moist environments. However, termites can negatively affect the ecosystem if their numbers increase.

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    In their natural environments, termites feed on dead wood, leaves and aquatic organisms, turning them into soil rich in essential nutrients. Termites can also help regulate the humidity of the environment and improve soil quality.

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    However, the increase in termite populations can alter the ecosystem in the environment, as they can affect the soil and form cavities and tunnels that erode and destroy wood. It can also change the percentage of water in the environment and reduce aquatic life, affecting animals that depend on these aquatic organisms as their food source.

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    In addition, the use of pesticides to control termites can affect the ecosystem, as pesticides can leach into the soil and affect aquatic organisms and surrounding plants.

    In general, termites play an important role in the ecosystem, but their numbers must be monitored and the necessary measures must be taken to limit their spread in the event of an increase, in order to maintain the ecological balance and preserve the aquatic organisms and plants surrounding the environment.

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