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Thread: Thinking green

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    Yea Green is natural and I love the way you have mentioned how we can think Green and become natural.

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    The five-year pilot project backed by India, Mexico and other nations aims to embed nature into national accounts to draw in the full benefits of services such as coastal protection from mangroves or watersheds for rivers that feed cities and crops.

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    Becoming environmentally friendly is getting exceptionally famous nowadays, as we as a whole are presently getting mindful that its truly essential to monitor our tendency and environment for better future. What's more, there are numerous things which can help us to do as such, such as utilizing vitality productive electrical things and reusing things which can be effectively reused in the wake of reusing.

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    See some of Xerox's contributions to the going green movement as Gabby describes what thinking green throughout Xerox means.
    Most people claim to be pro-environment, but psychological and practical factors must be addressed before they will actually hop on a bus.

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    I like green places and everyone like green places but no one follows made greenery,if you think once your place is green then be mindful of sensitive in the natural environment in your daily life,if you going green then you will get good future........

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