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    Although the controls of basketball stars are simple, it is not an easy game to win. Shooting the ball into the basket of your opponent is the objective. Each strike is worth two points. You have until the time limit expires to accumulate more points than your competitors. One would be taken aback by the level of difficulty involved in executing an impeccable basket throw. Your adversaries may initially attempt to deflect your shot or seize the object. For victory, the force calculation must be performed accurately. One should not fixate solely on goal-scoring while experiencing pleasure in the game. On the contrary, defense is indispensable. It is advisable to be ready to deflect the attack of your opponent. Ensure the safety of the opposing team's basket.

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    In "Basketball Stars," while the controls are simple, mastering the game is challenging. The main goal is to score baskets, worth two points each, against your opponent within a time limit. Effective defense and precise force calculations for shooting are crucial for winning. Enjoying the game involves balancing scoring with defending your own basket.

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