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    Default Going to Spain, see Madrid or not?

    So I'll be backpacking around Spain and I have 3 days I have unplanned for before I head over to Barcelona to stay for 2 days before I start traveling around.I'm trying to decide if it would be worth it to spend 2 days in Madrid, then spend the 3rd day in Barcelona to add on to the other 2 days I'll be there or if I should just spend a complete 4-5 days in just Barcelona?What do you guys think?

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    Recently I visited Costa Brava in summers which could be termed as one of the best family/friends destinations in Spain. I really enjoyed myself because weather was pleasantly warm and sunny with slightly cooler evenings.

    The wild coast offers modern-day resorts on the shoreline, traditional Spanish villages and the diversity of architecture, bars, cafes, museums and art galleries. I also recommend you to visiting there and make your tour unforgettable.

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    Madrid as a capital city, on the other hand, offers plenty of culinary adventures. The city is full of all kinds of bars and restaurants, from famed names in international cuisine to the most traditional Spanish tapas bars.

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