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    Middle East Airlines – Air Liban S.A.L. Ṭayyarān al-Sharq al-Awsaṭ - al-Khuṭūṭ al-jawiyyah al-lubnāniyyah), more commonly known as Middle East Airlines (MEA) Ṭayyarān al-Sharq al-Awsaṭ), is the national flag-carrier airline of Lebanon, with its head office in Beirut,[4] near Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport

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    Flight is scheduled to start at 3:00 in Beirut, and once in the air that I hope to get some sleep. Ah, makes seats that are not reclg. We had to endure a flight to Paris for four hours standing. When I asked the hostess why the seats are not adjustable, his response was that the public had led to arguments among the passengers! I have heard lots of excuses and has traveled extensively, but it was new to me.

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    Middle East Airlines is a member of the Sky-Team airline alliance, the Arab Air Carriers Organization , and the International Air Transport Association.The airline expressed its interest in becoming a SkyTeam associate member in early 2006 at a press conference in New York.

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