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    Default Travel Between Middle Eastern Countries?

    Do people here have experience travelling between countries in the Middle East? I am going to be in Amman, Jordan for awhile and I would like to go to Lebanon but it seems kind of tricky in terms of visas and going through Isreal or through Syria. Does anyone have advice on this matter? Should I just try to fly from Amman to Beirut?

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    I’d like to recommend visiting Jordan which is prominent due to its huge antique castles which are Shobak and Karak, where tease battles can be fought and mediaeval banquets are served under the vaulted walls and powerful ramparts.
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    You should try to visit most of them. In case, you have problem related to Visa, leave that company. Flying is best to reach there, but you will be rid off from many places. you should travel by car. You may use International SIM card to avoid roaming.

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    Well, I’d like to recommend visiting Dubai which is one of the world famous landmarks for fun holidays and tour etc.
    When you reach there then you’ll find lots of activities like Dubai city tour, desert safari, Burj Khalifa tour, Helicopter tour and wild wadi tour etc. So visiting there and keep enjoying.

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    The area between Arabia and India are generally designated by the Middle East. Although there has been much disagreement on those countries that are considered part of the region is known as the Middle East, many geographers agreed during recent years that the Middle East consists of 17 countries.

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