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    Default Exchanging Korean Currency

    Hey guys...going to be staying in Seoul for about a week soon, I'm wondering what the best place is to exchange cash? I'm thinking airport..but they probably charge high rates. Anyone with experience? Also to those who have stayed in much cash would you advise to bring for a one week stay? Excluding the accommodations. Thanks so much.
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    Currency Exchange Rate
    Recently, a dollar exchanges for about 1,200 won. Exchange rates may change at any time according to the market conditions.

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    Exchanging Korean Currency Table:
    South Korean Won 1.00 KRW inv. 1.00 KRW
    Indian Rupee 0.057099 17.513383
    Australian Dollar 0.001118 894.790515
    Canadian Dollar 0.001091 916.540301
    Singapore Dollar 0.001188 841.944456
    Swiss Franc 0.000847 1180.093332

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