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    Panchkot was a part of an antiquated East Indian kingdom known as Rajchakla Panchkot, privately known as Panchet. Damodar Sekhar, set up Panchkot Raj presumably amid mid 90 AD with the assistance of Sardars of Jhalda and extended his kingdom more than a few different parganas. To offer acknowledgment to the principle five (panch) tribes (khunt) of local people the kingdom expected the name Panchkot.
    Panchkot Giri has its references in the Puranas moreover. The place was then known as Sekhar bhum from which the author lord of Singh Deo Dynasty Damodar Sekhar inferred his name. The kingdom was most likely a piece of old "Tilakampa" Kingdom. The remnants of Telkupi, the said capital of Tilakampa (submerged) went submerged after the development of Panchet Dam.

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