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    Default What are your thoughts on

    What are your thoughts on travel into the middle east. Safe? Dangerous?

    I've got my own opinions but would like to know what others think about the traveling in the region in these times.


    Middle East Travel

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    Last year I visited Dubai with friends to spend the summer vacation which was the greatest moment I have ever earned. This was my first tour and really enjoyed its beaches and places as well which is absolutely safe place for holidays.

    We also visited Burj Khalifa tour which is the largest building in the earth I am really scared when I reach the top floor of this building really awesome view of Dubai.

    I’d definitely recommend travelers to must visit once in life. I am sure you never ever forget this tour.

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    The northern belt of Middle East which includes Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan are nowadays facing internal conflict and violence. But countries of Saudi, Emirates and Oman are quiet peaceful and a uninterruptedly large number of tourists are visiting here.

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    Burj Khalifa tour must visit once in life. I am sure you never ever forget this tour.

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    The Burj Khalifa, known as the Burj Dubai before its initiation, is a megatall high rise in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the tallest structure on the planet, remag at 829.8 m

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