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    Default Beach resort in Asia

    My girlfriend and I have two weeks leave in October. We are looking for a beach resort anywhere in Asia. The plan is to spend the morning sightseeing, visiting historical sites, and spending the afternoon /evening on the beach. We don't want to be simply marooned on a beach all day.

    Can anyone recommend such a beach resort which lies withinh striking distance of 2 weeks worth of cultural exploration?
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    Best Asia Oceanfront Hotels. ... 102 travelers mentioned "beach resort" when describing this hotel. ... 2 travelers mentioned "on the ocean" and "onto the ocean" when describing this hotel.
    So it will help you to find out your favourite Beach resort in Asia.

    Thank you.

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    Best Asia Oceanfront Hotels. ..
    102 voyagers specified "shoreline resort" while depicting this lodging. 2 explorers specified "on the sea" and "onto the sea" while depicting this lodging.
    So it will help you to discover your most loved Beach resort in Asia.

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    Beach resorts in Asia are given below:
    1. The Oberoi Bali
    2. Galaxy Hotel
    3. Cinnamon Grand Colombo
    4. W Bali - Seminyak

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