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    The dry season in Nepal is October to May, the monsoon season June to September. The most popular times to visit Nepal (especially for trekking) are from September to November and again from March to May.

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    In general you will find differences between people of Nepal and peole in Indian larger cities. Nothing to worry about, though.
    I have never seen any violence in India so far and I've been there several times. Expect a lot of people around you when going in Indian cities.

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    Climate factors are very important in deciding on a visit to Nepal. October-November, the start of the dry season, is in many ways the best time of the year in Nepal. With the monsoon only recently finished the country-side is green and lush and Nepal is at its most beautiful. Rice is harvested and there are some more important and colorful festivals to enjoy. At this time of the year the air is sparkling clean, visibility is unexcelled and the Himalayan views are as near perfect as you can ask. Further more the weather is still balmy, neither too hot nor too cold. For obvious reasons, this is also the peak tourist season.

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    Been surprised by all these differences, but because Nepal rarely features in ... After the earthquakes in Nepal earlier this year, tourism in Nepal has taken a massive hit.

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    Some tips for Travel in Nepal are given below:
    1. Think about how you get around
    2. Sign up for classes and activities
    3. Learn the cultural customs and norms
    4. Make the most of the daylight hours.

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