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    Default Things to do in Barbados

    I'm off to Barbados in August to attend the wife's family reunion, with that in mind I'm trying to find things to do on the island that don't require me to hang out at family functions of people I don't know....I've been told by everyone about the caves and the Mount Gay rum factory and of course the beaches but I'm looking for some out of the way places or interesting things that aren't obvious.Did I mention I've been told I have to wear a custom made family reunion t-shirt when I go to the reunion events?

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    I’d like to recommend Barbados as well which is one of the most developed islands in the region. Having lots of beautiful places along with all facilities like internet and mobile communication etc.
    You can also plan activities like swimming, snorkeling in limpid aqua blue water etc. So visit there and enjoy your vacation.

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    Barbados is the most eastern Caribbean island. It is easy to get around with an extensive network of about 1,475km of paved roads with connecting highways. The island is 34 km long by 22 km wide, and the highest point, Mount Hillaby, is just 373 meters.

    Although it is a very small island, just 166 square miles (431 square km), Barbados has a great deal to offer - exciting adventure tours, activities, excellent cuisine, and the warmth of its people. In all 11 parishes of Barbados there are things to do with always something new to discover.

    Almost everyday in Barbados is like a picture-perfect day in paradise. Literally beyond your imagination.

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    It's always impressed me that a remnant of the empire founded by Julius Caesar and Augustus survived until just 39 years before Columbus "discovered" America. The Eastern Roman (or Byzantine) Empire ceased to exist only in 1453, when the Turks conquered its capital, Constantinople (today's Istanbul).

    The last Roman emperor died on the city walls fighting the barbarians. But many of his close relatives made it out of the city. One brother got to England; and his grandson, the emperor's grand-nephew, ended up on Barbados.

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    Sunbury Great House - Historic Plantation House ToursSet in heart of the tranquil St. Philip countryside, Sunbury is over 300 years old and is a superb example of a Barbadian Sugar Estate Great House. Sunbury was first opened for charity in 1983, and officially as a Heritage House in 1984. drink - eat - treat. A perfect location for breakfast or lunch with friends or colleagues. Enjoy our relaxed air conditioned indoor and breezy outdoor settings where our friendly staff are ready to serve you at any of our three locations.

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