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    Default Puchasing tickets in Asia

    Hi everyone,
    Just planning a trip to Asia in a bit and was wondering if anyone could advise on purchasing tickets.

    The length of my stay is still undetermined (at least 6 mo.), but I know I will be visiting Japan, S.Korea and India.

    My question is this: can I just book a one-way ticket to Japan (where I plan to begin), and then play it by ear and purchase tickets to my next destination while there?...and keep going that way...

    Or is it necessary to pre-book everything. I have heard, for example, that some countries don't allow entrance on a one-way ticket, unless you have already arranged how and when you are going to leave.

    Anyway, I hope this makes sense. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
    Asia Travel

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    The best time to buy all-embracing flights varies badly based on the country of purchase, a new abstraction shows, and Americans may accept some of the best adaptability in planning their trips.

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