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    Default UK cellular service

    So I plan on going to the UK for 2 weeks. I have a quad-band unlocked GSM phone. Can anyone recommend a provider that has low international rates (call and texting) to Canada?
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    According to my knowledge The new roaming plan includes unlimited 2G data roaming, and unlimited texting, in more than 160 destinations including Canada and Mexico. Low-cost calls from each country back to the US are also available, with rates a set $0.20 per minute.

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    If you are planning on going to the UK and need to stay in contact with home or your office, there are several cellular solutions available. You can rent a cell phone through a cell phone rental agency. Generally speaking, they will rent you the handset and then bill you for per minute usage fees. At the time of this writing, to call the US is as little as 8 US cents per minute. With a prepaid SIM card, incoming calls are free.

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