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    Default Travel Tips to Israel


    I'd like to share a few travel tips I picked up while on a recent trip to Israel.

    1) If you're going to stay for at least a week, you may want to check out sites such as or to find apartment rental listings. They're usually cheaper than hotel stays on a weekly basis.

    2) You can generally lower the price of objects your buying if you're buying from family owned shops whether in touristy areas or not. You need to be tough and stay strong, but that's the culture there. You can't lose trying. Usually works the same with taxis drivers too.

    3) Although buses can bring you to the far north to the far south of Israel, be prepared to spend a few hours to nearly a whole day on the bus (depending on where you're going). If you're renting a car, be on the lookout for deals. They usually crop up everywhere (especially this time of year, when a lot of tourists come). Some sites I found where, and

    4) Don't forget to enjoy the trip. Don't be so overwhelemed in taking pictures that you don't have time to stop and take it all in: seeing the sights, smellings the smells, tasting the tastes. Don't forget where you the HOLY LAND.

    Hope these small tips help you enjoy your trip.

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    The ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah guerillas in southern Lebanon has held since August 14 2006 and tourists should now feel confident about travelling to Israel, including the north of the country. All travellers to Israel should be aware that the country is subject to occasional terrorist attacks and they should accept that sometimes there are inconvenient security delays while travelling through Israel. For example, a suicide bomber killed three people in the southern resort town of Eilat in January 2007 - the first such attack in Israel in nine months. Since early 2007, settlements including the southern town of Sderot have suffered casualties from rocket attacks launched from the neighbouring Gaza Strip.

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    If you are travelling with children, check with your air agent to see if the airline has children's meals available.

    Please be warned that not all scanning machines at airports are “film – safe.”

    While you may use travelers' checks in Israel, the rates offered are less than generous. Credit cards are widely accepted at most stores, restaurants and at many tourist sites, parks and museums.

    In addition, we recommend, in any case, that you bring a few personal checks as well as US dollars/cash.

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    All tourists to Israel should know that the nation is topic to temporary enemy problems and they should take that sometimes there are annoying protection setbacks while visiting through Israel.

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    Correct - it is not dangerous to visit Israel but you are slowed down by security checks - It's not at all scary even if they are armed soldiers checking - In general they will say Shalom (hello) just to hear you speak - Think of them there for YOUR protection, not to harm you (they definitely will not harm yoU)

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