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    Default Top 10 Eastern European Getaways

    For years Eastern Europe was the undiscovered half of the continent, where architectural gems, wonderful landscapes and buzzing cities saw only a fraction of the number of visitors heading to Western Europe.

    Things have changed, with Eastern Europe now drawing travelers by the trainload, but the diversity and appeal of the region’s highlights remain the same. Whether you’re discovering them for the first time or coming back for a second dose, you won’t be disappointed.

    top 10 Eastern European getaways.
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    My top 10 Eastern European Getaways are here.

    The Julian Alps
    Sarajevo,Bosnia & Hercegovina
    Mljet Island
    Orheiul Vechi

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    Checkout below my top 10 Eastern European getaways:
    Julian Alps, Slovenia:
    Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina:
    Mljet Island, Croatia
    Orheiul Vechi, Moldova:
    Tallinn, Estonia:
    Loket, Czech Republic
    Toruń, Poland:
    Ždiar, Slovakia
    Rīga, Latvia:
    Minsk, Belarus
    I want to add more places but the topic is only 10 Eastern destinations.

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    Top 10 Eastern European Getaways are:
    Julian Alps, Slovenia
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Dubrovnik, Croatia
    Krakow, Poland
    Kotor, Montenegro
    Budapest, Hungary
    Bratislava, Slovakia

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    Top 10 Eastern European Getaways are given below:
    1. Minsk, Belarus
    2. Rīga, Latvia
    3. Ždiar, Slovakia
    4. Toruń, Poland
    5. Loket, Czech Republic
    6. Tallinn, Estonia
    7. Orheiul Vechi, Moldova
    8. Mljet Island, Croatia
    9. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina
    10. Julian Alps, Slovenia

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