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    Default Taiwan Honeymoon

    Hi there,

    I juz got married n plan to go for honeymoon early nx yr. Any nice places to recommend in Taiwan wif minimal budget?

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    Located on a horseshoe-shaped cove popularly known as "Honeymoon Bay," Daxi is the perfect place to take a romantic stroll in the soft sand or chase the hordes of fleet ghost crabs that dwell there. Honeymoon Bay also offers surfing, with two- to three-meter waves, and national surfing competitions are held there annually. Those more attuned to the land can take the path beside Mingshan Temple and climb to the top of the 441-meter Yingshi Peak, which provides sweeping views of the sea and the surrounding countryside. The climb takes about half an hour.

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    The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge weren’t the only newlyweds celebrating their union this weekend.

    Comedian Rob Schneider and his new wife, TV producer Patricia Azarcoya Arce enjoyed a week-long honeymoon in Taiwan after their April 23 wedding.

    “Taiwan is a beautiful place where I have been many times promoting my movies,” Schneider says. “When I was at the LA Dodgers’ Taiwan Day, it reminded me of the island’s friendly people and great foods.”

    The newlyweds took advantage of the local cuisine, dg at the famous Din Tai Fung restaurant in Taipei, as well as at the Shilin Night Market, where they enjoyed handmade small plates (including skewered octopus and oyster omelet) prepared by local vendors.

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    It might be difficult to picture the Californian surfing lifestyle located on a beach in northeast Taiwan. Nevertheless, that’s why Tahsi — often referred to by its English name, Honeymoon Bay — has such a strong appeal with those surfers travelling around Asia looking for something slightly different. For non-surfers, the beach itself makes for a pleasant experience — a semiblack sand beach that’s remarkably unspoilt and strangely attractive. Framed by rugged hills on all sides, it resembles a scene from a Chinese landscape painting. But that’s not why it’s sought out by wave riders.

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    Since 1989 a luxury tour operator specializing in privately guided, culturally focused trips throughout Asia, Africa, South America and the South Pacific.The Portuguese named it La Isla Formosa ("beautiful island") during their occupation in 1517 and for very good reasons.

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