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    Default Cheapest way to fly from Canada to Europe?

    I need to get to North-East of Spain at the end of September. Air Canada wants $4000 for flight from Toronto to Madrid. Any ideas on the cheapest alternative, assuming travel dates are flexible and I am not pressed for time?

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    Easy Jet is the same price if you book online,it's all booked in time to get real with their offers.But there are many other charter airlines.Most charge much more if you book one day,with or without at least a week or two notice the experience.

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    For the cheapest tickets you probably want to look at the charters, although they don't have frequent flights to Spain. Air Transat (the largest charter in Canada) currently has a one way flight to Barcelona on Oct. 2, for $370 (all taxes and fees included) and they have a flight to Madrid on Sept. 26 for the same price.

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    Try expedia, you will get a good deal. It worked out well for me when I came to Canada from Spain. Think you will like it.
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