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    Default Travel Blog Rules


    1. You must NOT use blogs to advertise your services. Only paid members can advertise their services.

    2. DO NOT transmit or knowingly receive content and/or language that is in any way unlawful, fraudulent, hateful, sexual, racially or ethnically or otherwise objectionable, defamatory, threatening, menacing, offensive, or obscene or in breach of any obligations of confidence. This includes the use of swear words and the use of offensive nicknames.

    3. DO NOT flood or “spam” Blogs or any user who posts on the Blog.

    Your Responsibilities

    1. All contributions should be written at least in English , otherwise you can use any other foreign language, provided you also give an English translation.

    2. Only one username will be used per person. Choose a username carefully: you may not use names that are offensive or that suggest illegal activities.

    3. Stick to the content of the travel blog, off –topic comments shall be removed.

    4. Polite language will be used, do not be offensive. Follow online good manners. Obscene, racist or sexually explicit language, personal attacks are not permitted. We reserve the right to remove comments that are abusive, hateful, or defame or insult anyone.

    5. You are welcome to respond or relate to any of the questions or concerns raised by other users. Be sure to respond in a manner that shows respect for the ideas of others.

    6. Respect ownership rights and cite the source if you post any material that is written by someone else other than you (such as song lyrics, poems, art or graphics).

    7. Show respect for the privacy of others.


    Neither TravelTravelForum nor its third party contractors will be liable for the content of any material accessed via the Internet or any adverse treatment of any information placed by you anywhere on the Internet or any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result.

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    Travel Blog Rule are as follows:
    1.Select Your Domain Carefully. ...
    2.Find a Niche. ...
    3.Stick to Your Niche. ...
    4.Know Your Audience. ...
    5.Build an Audience Before Monetizing. ...
    6.Comment and Post on Other Travel Blogs.

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