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    Default Belly dancing in Cairo

    Going to Egypt in Oct. Where can we go see belly dancing in cairo?
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    There are many positive things to say about being a belly dancer in Egypt. There is nothing in the world like being able to perform for Egyptian audiences every day, and being accompanied by some of the best musicians in the world. You also get to be in charge of your entire show.
    The Egyptians are the best belly dancers, Dalila tells me, because the music and the rhythm is in their blood.Cruising the belly dancing cabarets of Cairo ain't cheap, nor is it for early-to-bedders. Many of the good dancers don't hit the stage until one or two in the morning

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    Default Belly dancers Contact

    There are many types of belly dance e.g. Raqs sharq and Raqs baladi are the famous type of dance.When you'll in Cario you can contact local belly dancers via mobiles facebook etc I'm referring mobile in Cairo is +20 100 475 9048 for belly dance but this may not be the ultimate.

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    There are three famous belly dancers in Egypt – Dina, Fifi Abdu and Lucy. They only perform at 5 star hotels, either the Nile Hilton, Cairo Sheriton or Ramses Hilton. Schedules can change, so check with the hotel before going. No jeans are allowed and a tie is required for men, cocktail gowns for women.

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