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    Countries Region Number of Intl Visitors
    1 France Europe
    2 US North America
    3 Spain Europe
    4 China Asia
    5 Italy Europe
    6 UK Europe
    7 Turkey Europe
    9 Malaysia Asia
    10 Mexico
    These are the most popular country.
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    Yes, I also believe the truth with the point that European countries is the best place for investing vacations with your family members. And, if you have never been to European countries previously, I would suggest you to take help of vacation coordinators who can strategy things accordingly.

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    According to me the most visited countries is
    And Ireland which is most beautiful country many visitors comes from all over the world.

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    Most visited Countries are given below:
    1. Singapore - 11.9 million
    2. Hungary - 12.1 million
    3. Ukraine - 12.7 million
    4. Japan - 13.4 million
    5. Croatia - 11.6 million

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