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    Default Going to Europe, most likely enter in Germany

    Edit: Thanks for the move!

    I don't know where to start!

    I am going to Germany for two main reasons, to meet someone I have known online for 10 years through an interest/hobby we like. and he has talked about CeBit quite a bit and I know CeBit is held in other locations other than Germany.

    I looked at the dates to go and cheapest airfare, etc I wanted to arrive a day or two before CeBit, but airfare proved costly so the recommendation was to come a week before Cebit so with that in mind I have quite a bit of options.

    I suspect CeBit will take 2-3 days to see all the cool stuff in comsumer electronics, IT, and various tech stuff. But there are also lots of possibilities. I could fly to London then go to Germany, etc.

    I am still concerned about not knowing what I am doing, I do have some disabilities and I mitigate issues by taking breaks or requesting services but how do I show proof of disability in Germany?

    I know that each country has its own language, and it would be preposterous to expect/require everyone to speak English on demand, it would be a challenge for me to learn conversive language, but learning simple words I could do.

    My current plan is to depart for Germany Feb 22nd from the USA and arrive in Hannover on Feb 23rd, the reason for Hannover is because that is where my friend and his parents live and if I ran into problems they would probably be the best help I could get; and Hannover from my understanding is not too far from Berlin which is where CeBit 2010 will be.

    I am fully aware of the European rail system to the point that I know that it is possible to get to several countries on rail rather than air. I don't have a problem flying, but you see nothing from the air (other than a flat piece of land ) if air travel is more sensible due to my 3 weeks of time constraints then by all means I would do that to have more time to see tings.

    I don't have to be in Germany the first or last week, and I know that it will take more than 2-3 weeks to see all of Germany, perhaps not this trip... maybe next and perhaps I'd like to see a little tiny bit of everything.

    How do I deal with customs? Am I able to pass through customs via rail? Every airport? (Hannover included?) If I decide to go straight to Germany my flights would connect in Seattle and Amsterdam do I need to clear customs when transiting AMS?

    If I decide a different exit point, then planning will be more difficult or I just return to the city where I will depart but then that means I lose a day that i could be using to see something else before my departure.

    Of course making changes to my airfare/itinerary could be done with a $250 penalty + any fare differences.
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    Moving to Germany is an exciting adventure. It’s a place full of diverse people and the opportunities are endless. There are gorgeous cities and beautiful nature. You will not regret moving there for a second. The downside though is that until you are settled in, you’ll have to jump a few hoops. Germany is known as a place with a lot of bureaucracy.

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