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    My friends and I have been talking about an ultimate Euro trip and this discussion has now became to reality, we are now organizing this trip to the extreme. Meeting at lunch break every Wensday talking about the Euro trip in extreme details and we figured out where exactly we will go.

    Italy - Walk from Rome on the Mediterranean coast line till we reach Genova and walk the country side to Milano.

    Switzerland - Take a train from Milano to Zurich with the Euro pass.

    France - Take a train from Zurich to Lyon France.

    Germany - Take a train from Lyon to Strasburg where we will walk from Strasbourg to Munich, then take a train from Munich to Hamburg and then take another train from Munich to Cologne.

    Netherlands - From Colonge Germany we will walk to Amsterdam.

    Sweden - From Amsterdam we will take a ferry to Goteburg Sweden and from there take a train to Stockholm.

    And then we will return home...

    It will be a 3 month trip we bought our hiking back packs and we have enough equipment to take us from point A to point B walking. There will be 5 of us 2 of us will be American and the other three are meeting us in Europe, one is from Hungary, the other from Italy and last one is from Germany. This will help us through language barriers and culture differences.

    Our budget is $5,700 for the trip, we already estimated the prices for plane tickets, euro pass train ticket, food money, hostels and extra spending money.

    This will start on June 18th to August 20th.
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