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    Default Where to go? Europe!!

    I am planning on going to Europe this month. I been to many places in Western Europe, such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, etc. Yet never been to Sweden, Austria. Also never been to so-called new states of Coatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, etc, etc. Heard that they are quite wonderful new countries to visit, for a change! (from good old Westrn Europe)

    I'm single, male and got 10-14 days max on hand for this off-line off-work vacation. Frankly, I am not much into sight seeing, memorials visitng, and the like, more of night owl, bar hopping at night, laid back dog day!

    Any pointers/suggestion on which ONE country to visit in this time frame. Thnx!
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    Before month I had visit Latvia for vacation. Latvia is the most beautiful place in Europe. I had seen many of the beautiful scenario like Gauja national park, Jurmala,Kuldiga, Rundale palace & Museum, Turaida Museum reserve & many of the places with the guidance of RIGA EXECUTIVE transportation service (Riga airport transfer). Really this place is too good also I had enjoy with lot of fun with a fresh environment. Latvia is also safe you can comfortably visit any of the places.

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