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    Default Best cell phone company in UK?

    I'm headed over to the UK for a couple years and need to buy a cell phone. Has anyone had experience with their companies? Companies I've seen so far: orange, O2, t-mobile, virgin. In terms of reception, monthly bills, etc. which is reasonable?

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    According to my knowledge O2 is best company for cell phone, excellent service provider but quite expensive also, Orange also good service provider and cheap also. nice offer also in Orange. you can see best and updated cell phone model in orange and best cheap offers as well. Vodafone and T-mobil also good but i prefer O2 and Orange first.

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    Well, I’d like to recommend O2 because it has 99% coverage of the UK. This means that almost everyone in the UK can make the most of O2’s phone and non-voice services.
    Moreover, O2’s mobile coverage is normally accepted as being dependable and offering good clearness for speech.

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    O2, Vodafone and Orange are the companies standing out in UK. O2 is more famous as compared with coverage and services.

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    I think that O2 is the best one. British telecoms also sell some cell phones with a contract.

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