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    Post Best Beaches of Greece

    Best Beaches of Greece

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    These pictures are really awesome especially last. There are plenty of good beaches in Greece but whenever I visited there so I choose Santorini which is one of the natural Island and perfect for holidays.

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    Yes, I agree with you these all pictures are outstanding feeling like paradise on earth. Well, I’d like to recommend Crete which is one of the most famous and largest islands in Greece. The island has everything to offer like rocky landscapes, a shore with lots of stunning beaches and stony coves, outstanding food and thrilling nightlife etc.
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    Greece is one of the my best favourite destination in my top ten list. I am beaches lover and love to Greece beaches, Awesome location and great large beaches. Nice weather and excellent clean places. I visited this before three year ago. I wish to go again there.

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    Greece has most fantastic and beautiful beaches in the World, As per my knowledge Number of nice beaches in Greece, Here are below I mentioned some of most famous and cool beaches which are located in Greece.

    - Plaka Beach
    - Porto Katsiki
    - Banana Beach
    - Myrtos Beach
    - Psili Ammos Beach
    - Paradise Beach
    - Red Beach

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