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    Now is this the question to be asked!!! They just exist because they are shooting games! And they are just shooting games!!! Feel like paid in same coins? Well, there is an interesting story that lies behind the curtains.

    The shooting games were originally had in mind for the hunters who wanted to develop their hunting the target skills. Such games got found international recognition hundreds of the years back when ancestors thought that this is not only an art, but it is something that to be appreciated. Finally shooting games were highly encouraged by different sport associations. There is no doubt that the game requires great deal of coordination and discipline with perfect eye that can judge the distance and the object. Speed is another criterion that comes every now and then when you are at shooting.

    Turning the table again, shooting game was again thought to have more fun than actually it was been proclaimed. The virtual shooting sport improved the confidence of the physically deprived individuals and such games tested a player's ability in marksmanship and strategies. But then, what about the people who do not want to go to the field where they are given heavy rifles with only few functions!!! Kicking off this old tradition, the manufacturers of computer or video games came up with ultra modern shooting games that not only changed all the definition of excitement but they also proved that shooting games online or on computer or TV is more popular than carrying real rifles, wearing goggles and earplugs on the field!!!

    Here, rifles are never to be serviced though they are million times more powerful than the original ones! This made children crazy and adolescents mad!!! Shooting games then brought revolution in online gaming zones wherein millions of players started playing such games online – free of cost. Target shooting, skeet shooting, trap shooting, short/long distance shooting were now very old fashioned since the ultra modern hi-tech arms supplied in shooting games were highly empowered with zoom (crosshair) and the bullets that were more deadly than what we have at real gun-store! You can launch missile, have night-vision camera fitted on the gun and most importantly, you get bullets free of cost, somewhere in the box or behind the doors!!!

    Shooting games have redefined the entire genre of the action games in video/computer games. Psychiatrists do believe that such shooting games or action games do sharpen hand-to-mind connection and the player, if playing positively, can improve their adroitness and judging skills. More often, players playing such games also have many dimensional thinking since they always think about how to accomplish the mission without losing any energy or the main character. The shooting games that are played with a squad (two players or more) improve the communication skills and teach the teamwork, as admitted by some of the game experts.
    Overall, shooting games were introduced as just games to win points but over the times, they have become passion that millions of players across the world play and remain hale and hearty!

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    My younger brother love shooting games and he is very good shooter. Some of best shooter games are like Hitstick 5, Gibbets 2, Zombie Mall, Sift Heads World- Act 3 and Play Vinnie's Rampage: Desert Road.

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    Shooting games were worth when I was a kid and later after years rolled on..I just give up and started to accompany my uncle with real gun . Shooting game is a time killer but good.
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    I have few shooting games in my home PC and I like to play few of them so much. Its just like child games but give me entertainment. Targeted shooting games are really good to play.

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