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    I think some of the most recent developments in travel are fascinating. Especially the advances made in staying in touch with your family and friends while at home. For me that was always something I struggled with when far away. Feeling detached and not knowing what is going on at home. I know my friends and faamily found it hard not to know what I was up to too. Many people start to write travel blogs when they are travelling. Definitely an interesting option, although I think for me it is a little too public and a little too impersonal. I prefer to set up my own e-mail using an e-mail hosting service like this one and staying in touch with everyone that way. Just makes it feel more special and also means I can divulge information that is perhaps too personal for a public platform like a blog.

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    Meaning of general for English Language Learners. : of, identifying with, or influencing every one of the general population or things in a gathering : including or including numerous or a great many people. : identifying with the principle or significant parts of an option that is as opposed to the points of interest : not particular.

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    hii. I love travelling .

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    hii. Travel news is best for the travelling. It is good information. thank you.

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    Yea, I think it is cool

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