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    Default Wien A Fine Art of Culture City

    I visited Wien the capital of Austria just about 1 year ago.
    I was very impressed by the recycling systems they used for energy, water and disposals.
    Well build high speed roads, and traditional people at the heart of Austria.
    Althought as a Greek, I got a lot of problems when dealing with -15 degrees of celsius temperatures.
    Very Modern and very beautiful country.

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    Sightseeing in Vienna is dominated by pleasant historic attractions and cultural resources. With everything from palaces to 'flying horses', this superb city has hundreds of interesting sites and attractions to explore. With lovely summers for sightseeing and snowy winters for skiing, Vienna's seasons are just as accommodating.
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    Post Re: Wien A Fine Art of Culture City

    Thanks for sharing the information..I agree Vienna is one of the wonderful place..No visit to Vienna is complete without checking out the local attractions. Tourists all too often fall victim to clever advertising, only to be disappointed by the "World's Largest Ball of Yarn".
    It has become on of the greatest tourist spot..

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    I am in the process of booking 'Highlights of Jordan' in January and just want to know if anyone has experienced the weather there at this time of the year. Obviously I have looked online and can see that it may get cold, but will it be uncomfortably cold? I was in India last january and it was actually freezing in the north and uncomfortable as the hotels etc were not really prepared for it?
    Also is typhoid a major risk for an 8 day trip as i may not be able to get the vaccination?! Thanks!

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