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    Default Visiting Newcastle

    Has anyone outside United Kingdom visited Newcastle(Tyneside) lately?
    I am looking to find cheap airplane tickets to go there and visit the local Univercites, regarding IT.
    I heard they are pretty good.

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    Great information jonssmith3, your statement gives me interest to visit Newcastle...^_^

    Hope I can explore that sight too...^_^

    Anyway if you are looking for cheap air tickets for your travel check out
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    The seaside city of Newcastle is a great holiday destination with fantastic beaches, heritage ocean baths.

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    Hi jeffronald19, It's really nice to see your response on this post here. Actually, I was looking for someone who can help me with my trip zurich to rome. So, as I can see you have good knwoledge about places can you suggest me some good and must visiting places at Rome. It would really an appreciable help.


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