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    Default Advice on my Euro Trip this summer!

    Hay guy! Im Nico, and i have a big trip ahead of me this summer. I am backpacking europe alone for the first time at age 20.I did something like this before but it was on a tour. The tour was alittle to structured for me. So i am really loving this backpacking idea. I would really love some information on what citys are absolutly awsome to visit. I am landing in Amsterdam, and from there my destination depends what i want to do and who i meet. Please feel free to share your experiances and advice for it is most welcome. Thanks!

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    Yes, Amsterdam is most visited destination after Paris, London and Rome because its offers various choice of tourist attraction especially Van Gogh Museum.
    Museum contains the huge collection of Van Gogh’s painting in the world and the also holds an extensive offer of exhibition on various subjects from 19th century art history.

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    I think Ireland is also good choice for your trip and in there has so many places where you can go and enjoy your trip.

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    Advice on my Euro Trip this summer:
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