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    Default Which is your favorite festival?

    Hello friends,
    Share your most favorite festival in the world which is coming soon.

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    My favorite festivals are Virginia Spring Show, Craftsmen's Classic Arts & Crafts, VA and Jubilee in the Breaks, VA. I love to participate and have fun with my friends.
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    I like Christmas, the family gathering, and all the love and good wishes.I liked any race which had a cut scene that hinted at Monument valley content as DLC.

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    Christmas is my favorite festival. Christmas is celebrated on 25 th December of Every Year. It is ad annual holiday. It is Christian festival. Christians celebrate Christmas Day for the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion.It is very popular day in the world.

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    Christ mas is my favorite festival. It is a big festival celebrating in my country. In this festival people buy new things and shopkeepers or big mall giving discounts on purchasing things. On Christ mas in our office we have one week holiday. We are enjoying this full week, we traveling to famous places or visiting relatives home.

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