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    Exclamation Which is the best place to travel in south america?

    I live in London.I want to travel around South America, but I have only a general knowledge of its history and culture, and even less knowledge about its tourist attractions. Basically, for a young guy and a few friends.We have basic working understanding of Spanish. where would you guys recommend and why?
    Thank you!

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    I would like to suggest you to visit these places in South America. Here are some beautiful and most popular places of South America.

    1) Galapagos
    2) Machu Picchu
    3) Perito Moreno Glacier.
    4) The night sky from San Pedro de Atacama.

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    Buenos Aires and Lima are the important port city in South America,as flight prices are always a good value.BA is still recovering from the economic disaster a few years ago, and is therefore very good value.Its a city that has lived.Paris is Europe BSA.From there, fly to Lima, which in turn is a very good value take time to gradually increase the Andes to visit the Inca sites.

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    These are the best places to travel in south america:-
    1.Caraz in Peru
    2.Macha Picchu
    3.Panama Viejo

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    I’d like suggest Argentina, which is speedily growing into a major backpacking destination along with nearby Brazil. Buenos Aires is better place because the weather in December is absolutely suitable for your requirement.

    Moreover, it is a host to long coastline of Andes Mountains. I’d defiantly recommend travelers to take a tour towards this place.

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