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    Question Which place is the best for travel and work in USA?

    Hello friends,
    I am a student from Wales, Europe. Now I want to work in USA in this summer.Which place is the best to travel and work- New york,New jersy,Chicago,LA,LV. you can also recommend me other places to work and have fun of course. Security is also important.

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    If you want to see good places and work you must go to California you can find lots of job over there. Moreover New York is also good to visit and find job. Another place name Harlem you can find a lot of stuff over there.
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    There are many wonderful places to live in the USA but I still love and miss Mpls./St.Quality of life is good, people are friendly and lots to see and do.New York is also good to visit and find job.Another place name Chicago you can find a lot of stuff over there.

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    Greece is an outstanding place and tourism is a big business over there. You can do anything over there because number of tourists visit there especially for doing the job as a security guard, any restaurant and in hotels etc.
    Well, if you talking about best places of Greece so I would recommend Santorini because it is one of the most natural Island and good for summer holidays.

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    Following are some places which is the best for travel and also work in USA as well.

    - Pool Management Group,
    - Morey’s piers,
    - Cedar point amusement park,
    - Yellowstone Xantera Parks
    - Spirit of Ethan Allen.

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