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    Why there has been no thread in this forum on travel to Arctic and Antartic. Inspite of intense cold and inhospitable conditions they have some of the most beautiful animals and places like the penguins of antartica. One can visit these places through national geographic travel with us program. Visit National geographic site for more info.

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    Crowning the top of the world, the frozen Arctic Ocean provides an unlikely home for a spectrum of enchanting creatures. Above the ice and below, beluga whales, narwals, bowhead whales, walruses and murres prosper.
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    Yes..We used to read in the books about the poles..those poles are very cold and its the home for polar bears...

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    I would love to go to the arctic! And I think that to go to the antarctic you mainly have to be a researcher, right? It'd be cool to work there. And also I heard that the pay for the Antarctic isn't even that good! I would still go even if I didn't make that much.

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