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    Default The Whole Europe - in 3 Months

    Hi, Travellers!
    I consider a trip of 3 months to Europe. I WANT TO SEE IT ALL - too, grand, isn't it?
    Well, I'd want to get the essence of Europe, of its nations, culture, nature and most spectacular sites.
    I have only 3 months for the trip, and I want to get acquainted with as much as possible.
    What are the most impressive sites in Europe?
    How should I distribute time between various cities / places?
    Again, I would want to cover as much as possible, and at least Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, the Balkans, Greece, Spain.
    At least to get the very essence of these places!
    Europe Travel

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    Europe is so full of amazing places and experiences that you could travel for years and still feel like you've missed something essential. Click on the numbered steps below for detailed information about each step of planning the perfect trip to Europe

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