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    Default Beaches around Yogya with Resort/Hotel, Turtle watching

    Was thinking of staying near beach during our trip to Yogya but couldn't find any?
    Read about turtle watching at Samas Beach... anyone with info?
    How about Drini, Kukup, Krakal or Baron beach? Worthwhile visiting?

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    There are many spot where you will get lots of beaches as well as luxuries hotel or villas. Here you can also feel the nature where you can see various type of water animals. You can go for large coastal area such as Goa, India where you can get various kind of beaches.

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    The Yogya is a very good place and there are many beaches with Resort/Hotel and Turtle watching facilities there. So it will be quite convenient for the customers to enjoy there.
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    What IreadI really liked it.Thank you foryour information!

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    12 trendy boutique hotels in Yogyakarta for under $35. You can soak peacefully in the salt water as you watch the sun sink into the horizon.Make a right turn Queen of the South Resort and your destination will be nearby of rocks off the bay in the shape of two turtles act as shields from waves.

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