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    Default Tipping in London

    We are planning a trip to London. I was wondering if anybody knew the local custom on tipping. Is it the same as it is here in the US.

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    Given the price you pay for everything, in London, you will not feel happy tipping! Maybe just round the bill to the nearest $5. I wouldn't worry too much. Just do what seems to be the right time.

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    Actually tripping in London usually depends on the budget you have, If you have good budget then you can enjoy a lot. If you do not have any budget then you will not as i did.

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    Though Britain can be different in many other etiquettes but not much with the tipping. Also in Britain tip is not expected as it is in the US. Most of the Restaurants add up 10-15% of service tax and in that case I don't see any point in paying tip though you can if you are extremely glad with their services.

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