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    Default Will you still travel to London?

    Anyone out there have plans to travel to London this summer. Will you still go? I know several airlines are allowing changes and cancellations to flights -- will you take advantage?

    Even if you aren't ticketed for travel to London -- what would you do?

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    I would go to London for a minute and I would go nowhere else in the world, although not on Consular Relations "Do not Go" list, or Today, no country fundamentalists waiting to "cover" of leave or not be allowed outdoors without a man. This is not a bias or criticism, I would not be comfortable, personalized travel wherever it is not OK for me to be out and about who I am.

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    Actually more of the companies are allowing changes but unfortunately the point is that you need to pay extra in most of the cases especially if it is the busiest season of the year.

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    London is a very beautiful city and full of natural beauty.
    I spend lot of time there, i love London.

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    I was there for three years and the summer will make you feel like can see great things at London. It is always good to explore yourselves as an individual.

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