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    Default Tips on travelling in Vietnam


    If you need any tips on travelling around Vietnam, let me know. Working over here and travelling around Asia.

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    I like many others here, no doubt would welcome any ideas you can provide. But as someone new to the forum, post in quick succession in Vietnam, naturally invites suspicion. I was something to offer their experience to help dispel this suspicion. It's just a trend that we see often in this forum.

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    I heard that the Vietnam is very good country to see the destination like the beaches and other place.If you want to travelling the Vietnam the bus is very good to travel their.

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    What is the minimum wages in Viet?

    My sister will be traveling to some of the main cities and going to work for at least 5 months. So..would be of great help if I get a good replies.

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    Conversation concerning Moving to Vietnam at Vietnam expert forums' ... for recommendation on restaurant, family help, apartments, travel and more.

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