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    Tips on travelling in Vietnam are given below:
    1. Best time to go is from January to March
    2. If you are from Europe, you might not need a visa.
    3. Everyone is a millionaire here.
    4. Vietnam is not only extremely cheap to visit but also relatively safe.
    5. Vietnamese are friendly but money driven.

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    Get your Visa organised prior to arriving in Ho Chi Minh or you will be waiting a very long time, don't forget a passport photo for this visa or you will be waiting even longer. If you are arranging for transfers from Ho Chi Minh airport allow for the Visa office waiting time.

    American dollars are accepted everywhere, many shops will take USD as readily as Vietnamese Dong. BUT DO NOT USE USD, they will rip you off!!! Try to bargain.

    Get your cellphone/internet service sort out BEFORE you even go.

    Life in Vietnam starts quite late, you will find the streets are extremely quiet until mid morning, with most shops closed. So if you need to do any shopping plan around this.

    Bring clothes that do not require ironing as you will find hotels do not have irons. Hotel laundry services are quite expensive so hand wash what you can. Clothes often came back damaged from the laundry services also.

    Insect repellent is essential so bring some with you. Also, bite relief cream. Bring any medications you may need with you as finding these will be very hard. Do not buy medications from vendors claiming to be selling pharmaceuticals, sleeping tablets could end up being menopausal medication!

    Buy drinks such as water and soda outside the hotels as they will be half the price at the outside vendor.

    A full length, light weight rain coat is another essential item, the poncho type raincoats are readily available at street vendors if you do get caught in a deluge.

    Bring tissues with you everywhere as many toilets do not have toilet paper.

    Bring a package of baby wipes to use to wipe/clean body.

    When walking around in hot weather, it is good idea to bring small wash cloth to wipe perspiration/sweat from face etc. You can keep tucked in waistband.

    Crossing the roads can often be daunting, keep your wits about you. Hitch a ride across with a local!

    Motobikes also ride along sidewalks and travel in opposite lanes of traffic. So keep your head on a swivel.

    Reading materials, bring your own as it is hard to find a book or magazine in English.

    Wear covered shoes as the streets can get pretty wet and dirty.

    ATM machines only dispense Vietnamese Dong.

    Keep your money organized so you're not fumbling to find the right denominations when making a purchase.

    Denominations most used are 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000. Be careful not to confuse 50,000 with 500,000.

    Do not forget to get your passport back when checking out of hotel.

    Make copies of Visa and passport and keep separate from originals in case they get lost/stolen.

    If possible keep wallet in secure zipper type front pants pocket.

    While in Vietnam, both locals and tourists wear everything from levi jeans to shorts and most types of pants and shirts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotelscyprus View Post
    What is the minimum wages in Viet?

    My sister will be traveling to some of the main cities and going to work for at least 5 months. So..would be of great help if I get a good replies.
    it depends on your field, major, ...

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