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    Default Photo Spots in Travel Guides

    A thought has occurred to me that when travelling to holiday destinations, it is often useful to have an idea of some good places to take pictures, be it unofficial photo points or official. Examples of these would be:

    London Bridge for a view of Tower Bridge

    Bulls Head in Sydney for Darling Harbour

    Possibly, the destination template could be modified to add a "Photo Spots" section, which can be retrofitted to other pages as they are modified.

    What are people's thoughts on this?

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    I am not sure if this should be included in the template. I don´t really see a problem with it.

    Another option would be to create a sub article, like we do sometimes with the eating out in, which means in the original article a link is placed to that article.

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    Planning your travel photos and pictures to a major difference between. The resulting image, it will be obvious. Take some time to research your destination, and its photographic potential. Keep posting such kind of interesting post.

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    If the professional photographer is part-time partners should especially ask to see some of the past perform that has been done. Even with professional full-time organizations this should be the situation.

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    Travel Guide: Philadelphia Photo Spots are given below:
    1. The “Ben” – Ben Franklin Bridge
    2. Spring Garden Street Bridge
    3. South Street Bridge
    4. Cira Green

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